April 18, 2024

Any company that has ever tried to establish itself on the internet knows that the most difficult part is driving traffic to your website. In the early days of the internet, it was enough to simply throw up an attractive site and people would come running. But nowadays it takes more than a nice design to encourage potential customers to visit.One of the cheapest ways to promote your business online is to write articles. These articles are often short, anywhere from 300 to 700 words, and they can either be published on websites or submitted to directories. The subject of these articles varies depending on the industry the company is involved in. For example, an automotive shop would most likely publish articles about the automotive industry.The appeal of these articles for consumers is that they are free to access and they provide helpful information. The appeal of these articles for businesses is that they are free to publish and article directories will also provide you with links to your website in lieu of pay. This means that when a person reads your article he can then visit your website directly from the article page.As effective as article writing is at increasing traffic to your website, it does have its weaknesses. To begin with, article directories do not allow duplicate content. This means that once your article appears on one directory you cannot submit it to another. And if you want to make a name for yourself with articles, you must submit and publish your work on more than one directory, which means that you will have to compose dozens of unique articles. As you might expect, this takes time, energy and even a bit of talent.This is one reason why many companies are learning how to turn articles into videos. When we talk about videos we are talking about short 1-10 minute segments that are created by companies to explain and promote their products or service. These video often first appear on the company’s website and are later submitted to various video sharing sites.Probably the most important advantage videos have over articles is that video sharing sites do not have any problem with duplicate content. This means that you can submit your videos to as many sites as you like. It is also true that the younger, internet savvy generation, for good or bad, prefer watching videos to reading articles. For example, an average video on YouTube receives over a thousand hits, while an average article would be lucky to receive fifty reads.One common misconception when it comes to learning how to turn articles into videos is that it will be both expensive and time-consuming. The truth, however, is that the process is not only fast, but also cheap. In fact, there are a number of online sites that will convert your articles into videos for a small fee.That is why many established companies feature videos on their websites and have a presence on video sharing sites like YouTube.